visual artist, filmmaker

  1. Sõp Rus Est

    Dance piece by Svetlana Grigrjeva

    Video and space by Epp Kubu

    music by Ando Naulainen

    light by Madis Kirkmann

    performers: Svetlana Grigorjeva ja Kristiina Vilipõld, Kardo Kukk,

    Monika Tomingas, Gisela Kastein, Jevgeni Grigorjev,

    Madis Kreevan, Tiina Rootamm, Olga Lans.


    Kanuti Gildi Saal





    “sõp rus est” (about friendship, rus – russian/est – estonian)

    Solo performance focuses on author’s Svetlana Grigorjeva’s personal experience in Estonian-Russian relations –

    outcome of her mixed Estonian-Russian origins. The main problem: what kind of life can a “national hermaphrodite”

    lead? Neither this nor that, or the other way around – both this and that. How to classify herself living in a space

    governed by not the most amicable parties? In a space where the tradition of binary oppositions hasn’t disappeared

    even after having read Foucault?



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