visual artist and filmmaker based in Tallinn

  1. Interview with Madonna

    “Interview with Madonna” is an essay, which reflects on the question: What it means to be a single mother?

    How did you learn where do babies come from? Was your child planned? Is it painful to give birth? Is it hard to take care of a newborn child? Did you grow up in a single parent family? Why didn’t you have a father? Where is he? Why do you sleep with a man from whom you don’t want children? What kind of an impression does it leave on the child growing up without a father? Why do you raise your child alone? By the way.. Do you repair everything by yourself? Do you do everything by yourself? Can you do it? Do you like it? Do you want more? How many abortions have you had? What does it mean to have an abortion? What is it like? What is the difference if the family has 3, 2 and 20 members? How to not stay alone? ...How to keep? How to find the ideal? I,I,I,I yes, I yes, I definitely yes, but I don't know how...

    Choreographer, performer: Kristine Vismane (Riga)

    Scenographer: Epp Kubu (Tallinn)

    Composer and live music: Jekabs Nimanis (Riga)

    Production: Zane Estere Gruntmane

    Producer: PIGEON-BRIDGE (Latvia)
Co-producer: STU (Estonia)



    PREMIERE  8th of March, 2014

    Next performances: 11th and 15th of May, 2014 
19:00 pm.

    KOKA RĪGA Grīziņkalnā, Krāsotāju iela 12, Riga Latvia

    photos: Epp Kubu & Dmitrijus Matvejevas

    Video projections from the performance:

    Interview with Madonna from Epp Epp on Vimeo.

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