visual artist and filmmaker based in Tallinn

  1. The Wall / Sein

    The year is 1989. The Soviet Union is collapsing, the Baltic Chain has just happened. Simultaneously with the falling of the Berlin Wall, a relationship is developing between a man and a woman on the opposite sides of a wall in a box of flats in Tallinn. The Man (Guido Kangur) grows cacti and earns a living as a radio repairman. The Woman (Ülle Kaljuste) is an introverted pianist who lives solely for playing the piano pieces of Erik Satie.

    Short fiction film directed by Anna Hints

    Screenplay: Anna Hints, Kalev Vapper

    Leading roles: Guido Kangur, Ülle Kaljuste

    Cinematography: Alis Mäesalu

    Composer: Joel Tammmik

    Sound Designer: Kauri Lemberg

    Set design: Epp Kubu

    Costume design: Maret Tamme

    Editor Helis Hirve

    Producer: Maria Kljukina 

    lenght: 16:55

    BFM 2011

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