1. 10x10meters

    "10x10 meters" (ten times ten meters) works as a platform for similar minded artists to come together and create an art project. It was founded by artist Epp Kubu and Eva Labotkin but other collaborators vary depending on the project.

    "10x10 meters" projects are often (but not limited to) socially engaged performance projects either on theatre stage or in a public space. The intention of "10x10 meters" is to provoke free form creativity, often being inspired by the absurdities of daily life. The actions tend to be site or situation specific, intervening or interacting with spacial, physical and social circumstances or structures. Many performances have been dealing with issues of labor or working.

    10x10 meters has performed with short action pieces in Made in Estonia Marathon in Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn), in Kultuuritolm festival and in performance festival SEANAHK in Haapsalu. 
    In 2012 we created an interventionist action for KIASMA, Helsinki. 
    In 2013 a full lenght theatre performance "Man Overboard" was created for August Dance Festival in Kanuti Gildi Saal.

    Artists who have taken part in 10x10 meters projects: Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Hans Gunter Lock, Mai Sööt, Allan Tõnissoo, Inari Muru, Villem Jahu, Andrus Lauringson, Laura Kõiv, Rasmus Puksmann, Tanel Rander & Ieva Kauli┼ća.

    For to see the works by 10x10meters  go to:


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