1. RESIGNATION / ATKĀPŠANĀS, performance-installation, set design, 2020, Riga

    Performance-installation “Resignation” is a 4 hour procedural piece about life’s temporal bodily experience displayed via the inseparable bond of human and nature. It welcomes one to devote oneself to the slowness of movement and time, making space for the imagination, to review current time and to rethink possible landscapes of the future. This new piece is an artist's personal answer to current times, expressing a desire to step down, not to take part in events that promote aggression and calling instead to fall asleep together. It is a silent protest not only for the author of the piece but for all the creative team. Visitors are welcome to come and leave, however, creators encourage visitors to devote themselves to the slowness of the work and to live this experience together from beginning to end.

    September 12 and 13


    Tērbatas iela 75, 3th floor, Riga, Latvia 

Built with Berta.me