1. PARALLEL BEAM, photo series 2015-2020

    Meditation on behaviours of sun light on filmset and in nature.

    More about exhibition: www.positiiv.ee/epp-kubu-naituse-paralleelne-kiir-videotuur/

  2. SHAPES AND WAYS OF BEING, photo series 2019 –

  3. LIVONIAN VILLAGES, photo series, 2018 –

  4. LET'S GO BOATING AND DROWN! photo series, 2011, Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn

    Let’s Go Boating and Drown! fills some secret dreams by eight older gentlemen – to row with a young lady in the middle of the sea.

    From exhibition "I am so" (Ma olen nii), together with Maria Aua.

  5. TEN HOUR DRIVE TO THE PAST, PHOTO SERIES, 740 mm x 490 mm, 2009

    My mother left Estonia 1999 and moved to USA looking for better living conditions and

    also with an aim to earn a bit more than she did in Estonia.

    2009 I visited her new home first time and discovered also emotional distance between us.

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