1. THE GREAT THEATRE OF THE WORLD, short film, 05:00, 2019

    AB Luhse&Tuhal Ltd & Theatrum.

    Dialogue between architect and theatre director.

    Ra Luhse & Lembit Peterson

    Short film for Praque Quadriennial 2019 

    Directed by Inga Vares & Epp Kubu

  2. BABY ON THE BACKSEAT, short film, 2K, 17:48, 2018

    An honest enemy is better than a false friend.

    A short film by Epp Kubu

    Baltic Film Media Arts and Communication School Film Masters production 2018

    Upcoming screenings:

    Tetova International Film Festival, Macedonia 

    12th Northern Wave International Film Festival, Iceland

    Past screenings:

    Riga International Film Festival RIGAIFF, October 25, 2018


  3. VENICE, music video, 04:19, 2017

    music by Andy Hug

  4. WORK WITH THE PAIN, short documentary, 8:00, 2016

    Film portrays midwives during a new years night.

    Director, cinematographer, editor and colorist: Epp Kubu


    12.11.2016 "Sleepwalkers" International shortfilm festival, 2016, Tallinn

    21.09.2016  "Rakkautta ja anarkiaa" international film festival, 2016, Helsinki

  5. MESIK√ĄPP. URSUS OF LETTERS, 16mm film, 4:08, 2014

    Short documentary

    Film director, cinematographer, editor and colorist: Epp Kubu

    Sound recordist and designer: Tanel Kadalip

    Gaffer: Rui Dias

    Supervisor: Arko Okk

  6. NEWCOMER, short architecture film, 7:57, 2015

    Short architecture film NEWCOMER/UUSTULNUK on Tondiraba ice rink.

  7. MADIS IS HERE, short documentary, 19:26, 2008


    Documentary about Madis, who leads Estonian weddings and funerals.

    Film director, cinematographer, editor: Epp Kubu

    Supervisor: Jaak Kilmi

  8. WHAT REMAINS, film, with Olivier Maltinti, cinematographer, editor, 1:11:41, 2007

    Directed by Olivier Maltinti

    Cinematography by Epp Kubu and Olivier Maltinti

    Editing by Epp Kubu 



  9. SIGHTSEEINGS, video, 04:00, 2007

    We welcome You to the very best of Karlsruhe's harbour sights. If You‘re looking for adventures – this is a must!

    Suitable for art lovers with little time –an overwhelming catharis will hit You in only a few minutes.

    Main attractions: beautiful objects of contemporary art in collage technique made of metal, wood, plastic, glas and coal.

    Discover the masterpieces of humankind!

    Duration: approx. 4 minutes.

    Entrance is free."

  10. YOUTH STREET 2, video, 20:07, 2012

    Video by Epp Kubu Ina Ukkonen, Külm Lumi


  11. DIFFICULTIES, video, 01:24, 2006

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