1. FRAME 4:3, installation, 2016, Omega 3, Moks, Mooste park


  2. SUDDEN EXPOSURE, live installation, 2013, pop-up exhibition “27”, Draama festival, Tartu

  3. MONEY CHASES CHILDREN, video installation on 3 screens, 2011, Linnagalerii, Tallinn

    In my work, children's fantasy games reflect adult relationships with money. The inappropriate, childish, deeply innocent, sincere approach seems to me the best way to talk about money in a situation where a large part of the world pays loans with new loans.

    Videos from the installation:

    "Peidetud varandus/ Hidden treasure" https://vimeo.com/24631335

    "Raha ajab lapsi taga/ Money chases children" https://vimeo.com/24645428

    "Pensionipäev / Pensionday" https://vimeo.com/32940314

  4. WEEPING AND MOANING, video installation on 3 screens, 2009

    “Weeping and Moaning” looks at a crisis situation and its dynamics in the life of an individual, a community and a society. My work is based on an attempt to solve a crisis situation that is created and emphasised by media with lamenting (itk). Lameting is a certain “crying-song” that is found in the Setu culture in Southern-Estonia and that is mainly connected to death, but also to significant changes in a person’s life, such as marriage or leaving for war. Lamenting is a therapy with its own rituals and to lament has been a natural behaviour in a crisis situation throughout history.

    Videos: https://vimeo.com/22598420

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