1. About 10x10 meters

    10 x 10 meters (ten times ten meters) is collective of performing artists operating since 2009. The intention of 10 x 10 meters is to provoke free form creativity, at the same time being inspired by space and absurdities of daily life.

    Limiting our actions by ten times ten meters, we are trying to concentrate on the essence  of a concrete life situation and clean it from redutadant information. On the other hand ten times ten meters become a space which guides our actions and also turns us to rebel against it.

    The last three years now 10 x 10 meters has toke part in short pieces event Made in Estonia Marathon in Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn and in 2010 10 x 10 meters made an action in performance festival SEANAHK in Haapsalu, Estonia.

    Members of 10x10 meters have been, are and will be: Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Hans Gunter Lock, Mai Sööt, Allan Tõnissoo, Inari Muru, Villem Jahu, Andrus Lauringson, Tanel Rander & Ieva Kauli┼ća.

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