1. RESIGNATION, performance-installation, set design, 2020, Riga, Latvia

    Idea, direction: Kristīne Brīniņa

    Dramaturgy:  Kristīne Brīniņa, Agnese Bordjukova, Tobias Dreger

    Performers: Agnese Bordjukova, Klāvs Liepiņš, Vilnis Bīriņš, Alise Madara Bokaldere, Inga Feldmane, Linda Bodniece, Jūlija Jansone, Terēze Vīksne, Agnese Virovska, Toms Ceļmillers, Ance Vesigi

    Sound: Maksims Šenteļevs

    Scenography, video: Epp Kubu

    Light: Edgars Karlsons

    Scenographer's assistant: Ilze Kauliņa

    Producers: Ina Locmele and biedriba "Horeogrāfu asociācija"

    Premiere: 12/09/2020, Survival Kit art exhibition off-program, Tērbatas iela 75, 3th floor, Riga, Latvia 

    Supported by: Cultural Endownment of Latvia

    Performance-installation “Resignation” is a 4 hour procedural piece about life’s temporal bodily experience displayed via the inseparable bond of human and nature. It welcomes one to devote oneself to the slowness of movement and time, making space for the imagination, to review current time and to rethink possible landscapes of the future. This new piece is an artist's personal answer to current times, expressing a desire to step down, not to take part in events that promote aggression and calling instead to fall asleep together. It is a silent protest not only for the author of the piece but for all the creative team. Visitors are welcome to come and leave, however, creators encourage visitors to devote themselves to the slowness of the work and to live this experience together from beginning to end.

  2. BARE/TOUCH, dance performance, set design, 2015, Tallinn, Viljandi

    Idea & Dırectıon: Mıhkel Ernıts, Laura Kvelsteın

    Choreographers & performers: Argo Lıık, Laura Kvelsteın

    Scenographer: Epp Kubu

    Music: Soundhack

    Lıght artıst: Neeme Jõe 

    Co-producers: Tallınn Unıversıty, Estonıan Dance Agency

    Supported by: cultural endowment of estonıa

    Premıere: 1/10/2015, Theatre STELLA, Tallınn Unıversıty 

    Guest performance: 27/04/2015, Blackbox, University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy

  3. INTERVIEW WITH MADONNA, dance performance, set design, video artist, 2014, Riga

    “Interview with Madonna” is an essay, which reflects on the question: What it means to be a single mother?

    Choreographer, performer: Kristine Vismane (Riga)

    Stage design, costumes and video projections: Epp Kubu (Tallinn)

    Composer and live music: Jekabs Nimanis (Riga)

    Production: Zane Estere Gruntmane

    Producer: PIGEON-BRIDGE (Latvia)
Co-producer: STU (Estonia)

    PREMIERE  8th of March, 2014, KOKA RĪGA Grīziņkalnā, Krāsotāju iela 12, Riga Latvia

    photos: Epp Kubu & Dmitrijus Matvejevas

    Video projections from the performance: https://vimeo.com/91965343

  4. Sõp Rus Est, dance performance, set designer and video artist, 2012, Tallinn, Vilnius

    Performance focuses on author’s Svetlana Grigorjeva’s personal experience in Estonian-Russian relations –

    outcome of her mixed Estonian-Russian origins. The main problem: what kind of life can a “national hermaphrodite” lead? Neither this nor that, or the other way around – both this and that. How to classify herself living in a space governed by not the most amicable parties? In a space where the tradition of binary oppositions hasn’t disappeared even after having read Foucault?

    Choreography by Svetlana Grigrjeva

    Setdesign and videos by Epp Kubu

    Music by Ando Naulainen

    Light design by Madis Kirkmann

    Performers: Svetlana Grigorjeva ja Kristiina Vilipõld, Kardo Kukk, Monika Tomingas, Gisela Kastein, Jevgeni Grigorjev, Madis Kreevan, Tiina Rootamm, Olga Lans.

    Produced by Sõltumatu tantsu lava


  5. SUGRIERROR, theatre performance, set design, video artist, photographer, 2011, Tallinn

    Sugrierror.com is a play with Finno-Ugric actors who still speak their own language and know their traditional cultural space. What is the word for “love” in the Mari language? How does a Setu boy go to a kirmask (a summertime village dance party)? Do Estonians laugh at Ostyak jokes? What is it like to be a Vogul in Moscow? What does it mean to be an Estonian?

    Yet the question is no longer how languages and culture are preserved. The question is: for how much longer and will they be preserved at all?

    “It attempts to find a theatrical language in the rituals that are still alive: for instance, the Setu saajad (wedding), the Ostyak-Vogul wake for the bear slain by hunters, Mari prayers in the sacred groves, the Udmurtian funeral. The form of the play is like a glittering ornament worn on the chest by Finno-Ugric people forged by a sorcerer-blacksmith from meteorite iron or fen iron – moving, swinging, shimmering, playing in light, mood and wind, confusing fairies and gods, a fusion of heavy iron, good mood, white hands and a good heart.” That is what the authors have to say.

    In contrast with the rest of our programme, this play looks eastward into our sombre subconsciousness. The actors are from beyond the Ural Mountains and from before them.

    Directed by Anne Türnpu, Eva Klemets, Mart Koldits
    Dramaturgy by Maria Lee Liivak
    Set design by Epp Kubu
    Light design by Airi Eras
    Sound design by Maike Lond
    Video art by Ahto Vaher
    Performed by Elgeniya Moldanova, Anna Randoma, Petr Anjamkov, Artem Tarlin, Mikhail Begishev, 
    Svetlana Stroganova, Sergei Danilov, Marina Pochteneva, Mirtel Pohla, Risto Kübar, Bert Raudsep, Artur Linnus


  6. HEDDA GABLER, theatre performance, set design, 2011, Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn


    Director: Māra Ķimele

    Scenographer : Epp Kubu

    Directors assistant: Loore Martma

    Light design: Oliver Kulpsoo

    Technical soloutions: Allan Räim, Janno Jaanus, Enar Tarmo

    Performers Von Krahli students: Kait Kall, Ott Kartau, Katre Kaseleht,Liis Lindmaa, Loore Martma, Madis Mäeorg, Tõnis Niinemets, Mari Pokinen, Ivo Reinok, Siim Sups, Ragne Veensalu ja Kirsti Villard.



  7. PLAGUE TIME STORIES, theatre performance, set design, costume design, 2008, Naissaar

    Plaque time stories (Katkuaja lood)

    Directed by Anne Türnpu and Eva Klemets

    Dramaturgy by Marion Jõepera, 

    Scenography and costume design by Epp Kubu

    Lightdesign by Airi Eras

    Performers: Risto Kübar, Britta Vahur, Kaie Mihkelson, Bert Raudsep, Mart Koldits, Mirtel Pohla, Eva Klemets, Anne Türnpu, Jannus Jaska, Liina Jaska

    Produced by Nargen Festival

    Photos: Rein Arjukese, Veiko Tubin, Epp Kubu

    Omari Küün, Naissaar island, 2008

  8. WOMAN BOMB, theatre performance, set design, costume design, 2007, Riga

    Ivana Sajko "Woman Bomb" 

    Directed by Andrejs Jarovojs

    Scenography by Epp Kubu

    Sound design by Ernests Ansons and Olivers Tarvids

    Performed by Inara Slucka

    Produced by United Intimacy (www.unitedintimacy.lv)

    RIXC Medija Telpa, Riga

  9. THREE SISTERS, setdesign and costume design, 2005, New Riga Theatre, Riga

    Anton Chekhov "Three sisters"

    Directed by Māra Ķimele

    Scenography by Epp Kubu

    Actors: Baiba Broka, Elita Kļaviņa, Inga Tropa, Guna Zariņa, Vilis Daudziņš,

    Andis Strods, Kaspars Znotiņš, Ģirts Krūmiņš, Ēriks Vilsons, Aigars Apinis,

    Anta Enģele, Varis Piņķis vai Aldis Kusiņš, Juris Jonelis

    Photos: Gints Malderis, Epp Kubu

    New Riga Theatre, Riga, Latvia, 2005

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