visual artist and filmmaker based in Tallinn

  1. Sõp Rus Est

    Dance piece by Svetlana Grigrjeva

    Video and space by Epp Kubu

    music by Ando Naulainen

    light by Madis Kirkmann

    performers: Svetlana Grigorjeva ja Kristiina Vilipõld, Kardo Kukk,

    Monika Tomingas, Gisela Kastein, Jevgeni Grigorjev,

    Madis Kreevan, Tiina Rootamm, Olga Lans.


    Kanuti Gildi Saal






    “sõp rus est” (about friendship, rus – russian/est – estonian)

    Solo performance focuses on author’s Svetlana Grigorjeva’s personal experience in Estonian-Russian relations –

    outcome of her mixed Estonian-Russian origins. The main problem: what kind of life can a “national hermaphrodite”

    lead? Neither this nor that, or the other way around – both this and that. How to classify herself living in a space

    governed by not the most amicable parties? In a space where the tradition of binary oppositions hasn’t disappeared

    even after having read Foucault?



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