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  1. How to properly love and destroy something?

    Performance "How to properly love and destroy something?" was a part of collaborative performance art project

    "How to properly love/destroy" of nine women artists from Estonia, Austria and Germany.

    Performance events toke place in Vienna, Dresden and Berlin in march 2011.

    My performance idea comes from permanent situation from my life where one-sided love relationships are dominated and I am all the time in desperate mood. 

    My performance is acted situation, where one woman is between two men. Moving through the space together with one man with immobile face and disinterest. Me holding from his legs and crying. He at the same time trying to walk in space, where woman (thats me) is desperately trailing along the floor. The other man are following us holding bunch of lovely flowers in his hands. He is happy and desperate at the same time.

    Maybe I will make some comments to him while i am crying a' la "go away" or "leave me alone". We are doing this way moving through the space aprx 10 minutes, and then disappearing. I am not sure how we will end it. I had idea, that these flowers in the other happy guys hand could at the end fade and then maybe to burn them too.

    Performed together with Thomas Jelinek and Stanley Newton Hofmann in Labfactory Vienna and Johnny Amore and Marc Phillips in Berlin (Flutgraben) and in Dresden.   

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