visual artist, filmmaker

  1. Sudden exposure

    "Sudden exposure" is an outlet for an idea which was born in a process of making the performance SUGRIERROR.COM (2011) but was discarded from the performance.  

    Sound by Maike Lond 

    Technical solutions by Tõnu Narro

    Video equipment by RGB

    Thank You: Evgenija, Anna, Mirtel, Bert, Artur, Risto, Sergei, Marina, Svetlana, Artem, Pjotr & Mihhail.

    Special thanks: Anne Türnpu & Eva Labotkin

    Installation was a part of The pop-up exhibition “27”, curated by Maret Kukkur, brought the solo exhibitions of 27 set designers into the urban space of Tartu in a gallery made of shipping containers. The exhibition celebrated the 20th jubilee of the Association of Estonian Set Designers.

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